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"Brazilians: How we are really like?"

I.The Brazilians and their contradictions
Well, what is “being Brazilian”? What is our real identity?
In these last years, the media passes the idea of Brazil like an underdeveloped country, technologically delayed, with a deficient and corrupt State and a great leader of the social inequalities.
Even after our independence from Portugal, we assimilated a submissive thought of "colony" and we are always trying to be equal to the North countries.
So, Brazil must not look for a solution for its problems based on the most developed countries, since we are very different because of our geographical dimensions, cultural disparities and several ethnic origins.We have to demystify the stereotypes created about the Brazil, since they are the origin of prejudice and discrimination.

II.Brazilian Stereotypes
So, what are the stereotypes of Brazilian people? The Brazil is seen as a country of free, happy, indolent and hospitable people, who really like football and going to the beach. Unfortunately, a great deal of these stereotypes is not true.
The stereotype of the indolence comes from the colonial time, when the indians and black men were obliged to the slave work demanded by the metropolis, up to today, when we sell our workforce to the holders of production means. And, why are we “the lazy ones”? Because they want to impose more and more exhaustive regimes of work without causing a population revolt.
Free, also, we are not. The women conquered their place in the labor market, but they are still distinguished and frequently the victims of physical and moral violence.
The happiness, the hospitality and the taste for the football and beach are our features. We live in a tropical country, where we can stand out the interbreeding and the beauty of the Brazilian people. And the interbreeding is much important, since we acquire a great genetic fortress.Unfortunately, we look up the United States since it has been a power where its population is adept of the consumerism and Japan, where the punctuality and the great value of the work govern the social life. We also look up Argentina, since the public politics are very well-employed in the education area and health, bringing to the people a better quality of life and a further access to the knowledge.

The prejudices have the objective of maintaining a social structure that benefits classes and oppresses the most unprotected, producing a system of social growing inequalities and superficial and pejorative knowledge of our country.
We have to leave our discriminating vision of Brazil and look for solutions for our problems, since unemployment, corruption and criminality exist everywhere.Everything depends on our will of transforming the Brazilian reality, since we are able to carry out marvelous things for our country.
  • This is my English work for my teacher Bob from the NLC(Núcleo de Línguas e Culturas) from the CAC-UFPE.

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